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Uno-back retrofit for the Shuttle ankle joint

Description:  1 pair Uno-back-(size)- retrofit for Shuttle ankle joints. Variable, light to strong resistance to plantarflexion and light force in dorsiflexion. Noise dampened movement. Weight classified. HS Code 90213100.

Remarks: Available in six different body weight classifications (up to_ _ kg)

Available sizes:

(up to 70 kg not yet available)   SH-Uno-back-34        
(up to 55 kg)   SH-Uno-back-32        
(up to 45 kg)   SH-Uno-back-30        
(up to 35 kg)   SH-Uno-back-28        
(up to 25 kg)   SH-Uno-back-25        
(up to 15 kg)   SH-Uno-back-22        

Options: Bitte wählen

1 Pair:  for the left and right leg    
0.5 Pair:  for the left leg only    
0.5 Pair:  for the right leg only    

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