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Pre-Select Knee Lock

Description:  1 Pair Slide-(size) pre-select knee locking mechanism for Konso-Slide-(size) and Blocker-Slide-(size) knee joints. Wear-free opening of drop locks for unilateral joint use. Body weight classified. HS Code 90213100.

Available sizes:

(up to 85 kg)   Slide-40-Plus        
(up to 85 kg)   Slide-40        
(up to 70 kg)   Slide-36        
(up to 50 kg)   Slide-32        
(up to 35 kg)   Slide-30        

Options: Bitte wählen

1 Pair:  for the left and right leg    
0.5 Pair:  for the left leg only    
0.5 Pair:  for the right leg only    

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