You can reach us from 9 am to 5 pm (Germany)
by telephone at +49 / 89 / 90 47 57 50
or by fax at +49 / 89 / 90 47 57 55
Email kontakt(at)
Address Merowingerstr. 14, 85551 Kirchheim, Germany
Your contact person Mr. Thomas Böckh and Mr. Jeffrey Matwichuk
for technical questions Mr. Jeffrey Matwichuk
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Sometimes it takes us a minute to find one of the cordless phones, and we are then sorry to hear that the caller has already hung up. Please let the telephone ring! Occasionally we are out of the office, but can still be reached as your call is forwarded after 6 rings.

Should you nevertheless fail to reach us, please leave a message on our answering machine and your call will be returned promptly. Thank you for your understanding!